Protect and preserve sperm, eggs and embryos for the future

Prolonging your ability to have children is increasingly becoming a real option, whether you make this choice because of a cancer treatment, a different medical reason, or because you wish to delay having children until later in life.

At IM电竞足球, we offer fertility preservation service to enable you to protect and preserve sperm, eggs and embryos for the future, so when the time is right, we’ll be here to help you to achieve the best pregnancy outcomes.

The ability to freeze (cryopreserve) sperm and embryos has been technically feasible and a widely practised procedure for more than a decade. Freezing eggs and ovarian tissue, however, has been much more difficult for a wide range of physiological reasons. Much scientific work has gone into developing the techniques to successfully cryopreserve mature oocytes and ovarian tissue. With the advances made so far, we can now offer such treatment in selected cases.

Fertility preservation is beneficial in various circumstances, including where:

  • You have a serious illness such as cancer and have to undergo treatment that may result in the loss of fertility.
  • You want to have children but are not ready to do so now and are concerned about the effects ageing might have on your chances of having a family.
  • You are at risk of early menopause.
  • You have a genetic disorder that may limit fertility.

Whatever your reasons, IM电竞足球, offers a fertility preservation service to enable you to protect and preserve sperm, eggs and embryos for the future.

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Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing and storage is the procedure of freezing sperm cells to preserve them for future use. Learn more about the procedure and what is involved.




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