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By  Adnan Catakovic , CEO and Scientific Director, City Fertili ty Centre

There is currently a great deal of public debate and discussion about the IVF industry in Australia. IM电竞足球, Centre understands that the fertility journey for couples can be difficult and confusing, and believes that clinics bear a great responsibility to treat all patients as individuals, to be transparent, and to provide optimal and necessary care.

Below we address IM电竞足球, Centre’s position on some of the main concerns currently being discussed in the public domain.


Transparency with Patients About Their Chances

At IM电竞足球, Centre we believe that patients should be aware of their chances of success from the outset. We understand that every patient is different, however, critical factors such as female age, lifestyle, cause and duration of infertility and the number of previous unsuccessful cycles all have an impact on one’s chances of success.

It is IM电竞足球, Centre’s policy to be realistic with patients and empower them with these facts so they can make informed decisions. Our patients are always encouraged to make their decisions after thorough consultation with their fertility specialist, nursing and scientific team.


Clinic Success Rates

IM电竞足球, Centre does have proven and competitive industry success rates and remains committed to maximising them. The clinic also supports any action to standardise this information across the industry in a way that provides a fair and accurate comparison of these complex statistics, taking into account individual patient factors such as age, cause of infertility etc.


Non-IVF Fertility Treatment Options Encouraged

It is IM电竞足球, Centre’s policy to encourage patients to opt for pre-IVF options, where appropriate. Our statistics show that only about 30 per cent of patients who see our fertility specialists actually go on to IVF treatment. Often IVF is not required as there are a number of simpler fertility treatment options that can substantially improve a person’s chances of pregnancy, depending on the circumstances, medical condition and previous care. These include looking at  lifestyle factors  or treatment options such as ovulation induction , Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) , and surgery for conditions such as endometriosis.


The Changing IVF Industry

IM电竞足球, Centre is not publicly listed or owned by private equity firms, it continues to be owned by doctors and a scientist who work in the clinics and laboratories treating the patients.

Our primary focus is on creating pregnancies and our service model is heavily focused on giving our patients a very personalised and caring approach with highly qualified specialists and the world’s most advanced technologies.


Financial Cost

IVF is a very involved and highly skilled area of medicine. IM电竞足球, Centre employs experienced doctors, scientists and other staff to give patients the best chance of success.

The actual out-of-pocket expense for a patient at IM电竞足球, Centre for an IVF treatment cycle, after Medicare rebates are paid, is $2,693.25.

Any additional out-of-pocket expenses, such as pre- and post-fertility specialist consultation charges and hospital and anaesthetist fees, are all external costs separate to IM电竞足球, Centre and can vary depending on the chosen doctor, hospital and level of health insurance.

IM电竞足球, Centre will always provide a tailored cost quote based on a patient’s individual circumstances and medical needs.


Emotional well-being of Patients

At IM电竞足球, Centre our patients’ well-being is of utmost importance. Our patients will see the same specialist every step of the way.

It is IM电竞足球, Centre’s policy to strongly encourage anyone undergoing fertility treatment to attend at least one counselling session beforehand. At IM电竞足球, Centre, patients are offered a complimentary counselling session once during every stimulated cycle.

In these counselling sessions, patients will find out more about the emotional processes involved in fertility treatment, realistic expectations of outcomes, both physical and emotional, and how to prepare for and manage the roller coaster of emotions.


We are proud of our team of dedicated and talented staff at IM电竞足球, Centre. Our successes are a testament to the important work we do to care for our patients.


While the recent media coverage seemed to dwell on the negatives of the IVF industry, there are plenty of positive stories too. We have just reached more than 4500 babies nationally, which is a wonderful achievement. Here are just a few of our patient success stories:


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