Getting to know Dr Jamie Friebe

Dr Jamie Friebe

Dr Jamie Friebe , specialist at IM电竞足球, Brisbane

Dr Friebe’s wealth of knowledge of the fertility issues facing women today and the range of treatment options available has been honed having been a doctor for over 20 years and an obstetrician and gynaecologist for over 10 of these. He holds a special interest in fertility medicine and finds his work in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility often feed into each other for many of his patients.

There is a real sense of enjoyment Dr Friebe gets from patients who continue on with him after successful IVF treatment to have their baby, or when a previous obstetric patient returns for another baby, or when he can make a positive difference and help with gynaecology and fertility issues for women who present with multiple concerns.

Dr Friebe has practised in Australia and the UK including at the York Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne and regional Victoria. He now consults in IVF and fertility care, obstetrics and gynaecology from the North West Private Hospital where he has visiting rights.

We recently caught up with Dr Friebe and asked him a few questions about fertility, his work and life in general. Here are his answers:

Q: What is the best age to have a baby from a fertility perspective?
: The best age to have a baby from a fertility perspective is before 35, the early thirties at best, late twenties even better.

Q: What are the top things to think about and action before trying for a baby?
Important things to consider are maximising a healthy diet, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, and absolutely no smoking.  Also, for the female, if her periods are irregular or widely spaced out then don’t try for too long for a baby prior to seeking help, 3-4 months at the most in my opinion when there is a clear period regulation disorder. It can take a few months of treatment to establish regular ovulation.

Q: You have worked in Australia and the UK – are there any major differences in obstetrics/fertility management between the two countries?
Compared to the UK, in Australia, we have an excellent medical system. The option for a significant percentage of the population to be cared for privately rather than the elite few (as it is in the UK) is a major plus.  Resources are more plentiful in Australia for medical care also. While public care is busy and waiting lists are long, a smaller population in Australia means these issues are not on the same scale as in the UK.

Q: What do you love about living in Queensland?
The things I most love living in Queensland are the weather (obviously), the beautiful city of Brisbane, the multiple opportunities afforded my wife and daughters, my patients in my practice and the wonderful North West Private hospital I get to work at.

Q: What is your favourite pastime?
My favourite pastimes are reading, exercising, collecting and drinking fine wines and playing my guitar.

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