IM电竞足球, Sydney CBD celebrates first birthday and baby joy

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As IM电竞足球, Sydney CBD celebrates its first birthday milestone, we are also delighted to be celebrating the best of birthday presents – the arrival of the clinic’s first babies!

Baby Sebastian was our first IVF baby born, followed closely by baby Maria and many more babies after that.

Dr Devora Lieberman , Medical Director of IM电竞足球, New South Wales clinics, said since opening last year, while it has been a year like no other, we have continued to strengthen and grow the new clinic all for the common goal of achieving happy healthy babies for our patients.

“When we opened our doors last year, we had no idea we would be supporting our patients through their fertility journey during a global pandemic, but adapt and adjust we have for the benefit of all,” Dr Lieberman said.

We rapidly responded to COVID-19, by implementing a range of strict safety protocols to minimise any risk to patients or staff.

We also worked hard to stay in touch with patients and launched telehealth consultations and remote education programs to minimise COVID-19 interruptions to our patients’ treatment plans.

Here are just some of our achievements in our first year:

  • Celebrating the birth of the clinic’s first babies
  • Achieving very positive patient satisfaction results well above industry standard
  • Expanding our expert team of fertility specialists, embryologists and registered nurses
  • Making important new business and community connections with organisations like ACON Pride in Health+Wellbeing, Diversity Council of Australia and Workplace Wellness Festival
  • Sponsoring the Out Leadership 2020 Australia Summit in November

During our first year, we have continued our commitment to compassionate and exceptional care and dignity and respect, to all couples and individuals.

We are proud to be able to provide the full suite of fertility treatments to a diverse patient base including couples, singles, LGBTI community and those requiring donors or surrogacy.

Our Sydney CBD clinic was set up with our patients in mind, with an easily accessible central location, a one-stop full-service facility with a world-class dual laboratory designed to maximise patient pregnancy outcomes.


Here are some of the features that ensure IM电竞足球, CBD is one of Australia’s most advanced IVF clinics:

  • A powerhouse of fertility specialists with extensive experience in their field
  • A scientific leadership team with over 60 years of combined experience.
  • A purpose-built, full-service IVF clinic, offering world-class facilities and the latest advances in fertility treatment.
  • On-site dedicated day hospital with two day theatres.
  • Two IVF laboratories with the latest generation of time-lapse incubators from the world leader in incubator technology. We control temperature and air quality to ensure minimal disruption of eggs and embryos which maximises pregnancy outcomes.
  • World-class solutions and treatments including a comprehensive range of services to suit your individual fertility needs – from general fertility assessment to fertility-related surgery, including, endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Sperm and Egg donor program (with a range of donors currently available)
  • Chill Egg Freeze , an elective egg freezing program that gives you the option to preserve your fertility to build a family when the time is right for you.
  • The option of choosing a specialist who provides gynaecological services.
  • A continuity of care – meaning you will see the same specialist throughout your treatment.
  • A range of payment options including payment plans and reduced up-front fee for those patients who don’t fall pregnant within two fully stimulated IVF cycles with IM电竞足球,.
  • A central CBD location accessible by all modes of transport and with sweeping harbour views.
  • Above all expert, empathetic and personalised patient care by a highly specialist team to make your IVF experience as stress-free as possible.

Our first steps in our first year in the Sydney CBD were giant steps. Let’s make a birthday wish for another great (if not different) second year!


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