Dr Lisa Harris


Dr Lisa Harris

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    Find me at:

    • Watkins Medical Centre

      Level 7, 225 Wickham Terrace,
      Spring Hill, QLD

    Available For:

    • Telehealth Consultation

    1300 354 354

    Knowledgeable and personable, Dr Lisa Harris provides high-quality care based on open communication, an ability to solve problems, and a passion for sharing the journey to motherhood with you.

    Dr Harris works primarily in:

    • Gynaecology.
    • Obstetrics.
    • IVF and fertility care.

    Dr Harris offers the full range of gynaecological surgical procedures, including laparoscopy. She has also undertaken extra training in prolapse and incontinence management and is a certified colposcopist for managing abnormal pap smears.

    Dr Harris attended medical school at the University of Queensland, trained across the three major tertiary centres (Mater, RBWH and Gold Coast) as well as peripheral locations for her fellowship, and is an examiner for the University of Queensland Medical School.

    She is a published researcher on induction of labour and a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) scholarship recipient for her work on the clinical management of pre-eclampsia. In addition, Dr Harris is a presenter for the Mater Hospital, having contributed to such events as its GP conference with a talk on prenatal screening.

    As a mother of three, Dr Harris understands the importance of a woman’s journey to motherhood and prides herself on excellent care for the baby as well as the mother. She enjoys finding solutions to fertility issues so that women have the best chance of falling pregnant. She uses the best evidence to guide decisions made with you for your care. With a warm and energetic nature, Dr Harris is genuinely excited to be part of your journey towards parenthood. She is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of women of any age.

    Appreciative of the professional, friendly team supporting her, Dr Harris has the extensive experience to confidently cater to her patients’ fertility needs. She is proud to offer care to all women wanting to become pregnant, either with their partner or with the help of a donor, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and options with you.

    Dr Harris takes the time to explain the process and ensure you are fully informed so you can make the best decision with her guidance.

    She is conveniently located at Watkins Medical Centre in Spring Hill, delivering at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. She operates at Mater Adult Hospital, Spring Hill Day Surgery and Brisbane Private Hospital.




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